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Service Quality & Mystery Shopping

The settings of internal company processes are adapted to meet customers’ demands and expectations. It allows businesses to standardize their services, and to differentiate themselves from their direct competitors. Thanks to a system of service quality rating, the company personnel are aware of their own contribution to the quality of the services provided and they are motivated to contribute to further growth.

Mystery shopping generally tests the quality of the conditions under which services are offered, examines the environment, and the quality of client services – all of this in order to identify any potential gaps or shortcomings in the system, in communication with customers at all levels of the sales process, whenever there is any contact with customers.

Mystery shopping is used to identify:

  • Critical points of contact, where there is most frequent incidence of service failures
  • Sales skills that need strengthening in order to maintain, promote and boost customer satisfaction
  • Losses or shortcomings vis-à-vis competitors’ sales services.