Our services


Within our consulting services, we carry out short-term projects that are usually focused on solving the basic issue and on strategically promoting the overall philosophy of product and service presentation of our client. In our cooperation we establish and maintain close ties to our clients and their teams. Our consulting services consist of the following components:

  • Identification and a detailed description of our client’s needs
  • An internal status analysis, internal settings and limits, mapping of internal processes and identification of critical points in the product flow within a company
  • External analysis of customer environment, key motivators
  • Description of competitors’ status at a given point and time, (concerning both direct and indirect competition)
  • Establishing an explicit strategy to achieve the aims, identifying the time parameters and source scope, identification of implementation methods, inspection and KPI
  • Implementation into the structures of internal environment by means of workshops and individual coaching
  • Change assessment and evaluation

Although the synergic value of a combination of individual steps is evident, each of these components may be implemented separately. Especially the independent hosting of internal workshops provides high added value for our clients.