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29 Nov 2017

On average 15 % of people aged 18–65 said they used offer of advantageous good in Black Friday action. Young people did it more often as well as people with higher degree of education and women.

Based on survey MindBridge Consulting focused on Black Friday effect.

Have you used the Black Friday…

11 Jan 2017

More than five of ten Czechs feel completely or mostly safe in place where they live. In research Hopes and Fears Czech 2017 (Naděje a obavy Čechů 2017) by MindBridge Consulting company then the remaining six out of ten respondents aged 18–60 say that they have a greater or lesser fears in…

12 Oct 2016

Four out of five Czechs aged 18–55 years know the concept of homeopathic treatment. More than 40% of them have already tested homeopathic remedies. Women know homeopathy more often than men in the survey carried out by MindBridge Consulting. Men use homeopathic treatment a little less often…

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Data have slowly, and without any apparent gaps, flooded our everyday lives. In historical perspective, information is now easiest to find and access, and its application is a question of just a few blinks of an eye. In the space that surrounds us, a wealth of economic information accumulates – whether it concerns new market developments or consumer demand and changing consumer attitudes.

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We have been present in this market for more than 20 years and gained lots of experience during this time.

We are well experienced and knowledgeable in the field of analysis in many segments of the economy and in functional marketing modeling, and we are capable of applying them in other fields as well.

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